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Knit Hat To Wear The Look You Can't Miss These Styles
- Mar 29, 2017 -

Tips one: fluorescent color knit hat

Winter everybody used to wear dark-colored clothes, when a fluorescent-colored knit hat is the most appropriate items, instantly become the eye also can easily go out, maybe only three minutes?

• Camel + fluorescence knitted Hat model

Even camels, black shape in the fluorescent-colored knit Cap under has become seriously rich.

• Dark style + fluorescence knitted Cap model

Carla. diwayi love is a dark shape match staged drama of fluorescence knitted hat, dull black model became viable.

• Mix wind model

What the? When you find your closet no fluorescence knitted hat, only solid color Hat? To be replaced by some other dazzling items, such as a cool pair of ski goggles equally dazzling.

Tips two: solid color knit hat

The benefits of pure color pure color, match simple use, solid-colored knit hat is more suitable for color block style with large area, which will enable more stylish to match solid color knit hat.

• With the color coat + solid color knit hat

With coat color in one continuous line, take a neutral color to neutralize the whole very harmonious, a hat fashionable from head to foot.

▲ All black model + solid color knit hat

All black styling combined with a black knit Cap highly unified color bag and sweater embroidered pattern is even more brilliant.