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How To Hairstyle And Cap With You Know?
- Nov 06, 2017 -

How to hairstyle and Cap with you know?
Elegant knitted Cap with fluffy, warm knitted Cap is the best equipment this winter, this Cap is not cute wool Cap, but also let MM one of the most troublesome style.
If you put your head on the head, the whole head wrapped, face defects probably exposed, so it is not suitable for short hair MM. But the warm knit Cap with fluffy curly hair really make people shine, but also has a "face-lift" effect. If it is a white knitted Cap with a white sweater, it can show the elegant elegance of classical beauty.
Knitted baseball Cap with ponytail, knitted baseball cap will make the whole look sunny, for a vibrant young MM. With this Cap only need a super simple hairstyle tie a pony tail on it. Rabbit hair and coarse wool are good choices, mix and match the material is also very good.
Large cap with straight hair or curly hair, big cap is almost a universal Cap, full of contour, with a modified face effect, suitable for different face. In addition its handsome neutral style can increase the sense of fashion. So, when you do not know wCap to choose Caps, may wish to pick a big cap for themselves. Looks sweet MM is particularly suitable for wearing this Cap.
Cap with asymmetrical curly hair: a simple cap is a very stylish sense of equipment, people can look very neat, but not all fit, with a very important. This Cap is the most suitable for straight hair, but for the side of the hair is more appropriate to add a little taste of the guests. In the clothing, slightly cool wild dress can release the artistic temperament.
Cover knit Cap with braids, knitted Cap covering the ear is designed for cute beauty, suitable for fluffy curls, but easy to make the head looks great, so you can slightly change the shape. Puffed hair will be made in the local pigtail, inhibition of excessive sense of loose, cute little braid can add a bit sweet. This Cap is most suitable for casual wear, make the whole person seems casual.
Cap and body: tall Cap should not be small, otherwise it will give a sense of light weight. Thin Cap should be small, otherwise it will give top-heavy feeling. Short children should not wear flat top wide Cap, tall women should not wear a high Cap. Choice of Cap should avoid weaknesses, it is necessary to wear their own right, but also to make others look beautiful.
Choose a suitable Cap can not only play the finishing touch of decorative landscaping will bring you confidence and a beautiful mood all day long. The choice of Cap has many limitations, it is necessary to consider its practicality and decorative, but also pay attention to its style, the color is with personal clothing, age, occupation and whether it can be a good reflection and bring out people's demeanor And self-cultivation.
People buy Caps often overlook an important principle, which is the overall harmony with clothing and apparel. Therefore try to wear a Cap must also stand in front of the mirror to consider whether the clothing and commensurate with the body. Can not ignore the law of dress. Namely: petite girl should wear a wide brimmed Cap, but the brim can not exceed the shoulder width. If you are wearing a brimmed Cap, a woman with a small body size should wear a brim Cap with a certain angle so tCap you will not feel heavy and light. Wear a shoulder padded clothes, Cap should be wearing a Cap at an angle, it will make you look smart, elegant, graceful. However, flat-top canopies can also be used. The girl with the "bangs" in her forehead can wear the Cap backwards, tCap is, it is worn on the back of the head. In addition, wearing a flat top eaves cap also has a great charm. When wearing printed clothing is best to wear darker color Cap. Do not wear a white cap when wearing red or blue clothing, and a blue or red cap will make you noticeable. Choose to wear the same color as the body suit Cap is wrong. Either shoes and handbags and commensurate with the Cap to form a contrasting color, or shoes, bags, Caps and commensurate with the contrast. The more wears the longer the Cap is not to be too big and bloated. The value of the Cap to match the value of clothing. Clothing is upscale, Cap can not be sloppy. Must know, and clothing texture Cap will give a deep impression, on the contrary, even the clothes will become less.