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How To Choose Color When Customizing Hat
- Nov 06, 2017 -

How to choose color when customizing Hat
Many customers in the custom Hat, choose a simple style, but often in the choice of color and tangled, because the same number of Hat in the same number of cases, plus color is the need to enhance the unit price, here Xiaobian to We look at the small proposal, hoping to help customers in need.
We generally do when the flat Hat, there will be a lot of space to choose from, some models are also very fancy, but this type of Hat to many people feel is coolcool, but also won the favor of many young people.
Small series for many years in the Hat industry experience, the best color choice to do this Hat is black. THat is why? The first of this wild color, suitable for many types of clothes, the second color of the Hat more neutral colors, suitable for a wider population, the third is the Hat dirt, Hat and machine washable, so save a lot of lazy upset.
In addition to the black choice, in fact, this Hat hit the color is also very good, when the Hat orders, the price is the same as the solid color it!
Hat is now a lot of girls go out with the essential match, now is the summer, and the Hat will play a greater role, tHat is, sunscreen effect, go out to wear a Hat, both sunscreen, but also increase the retention rate, You can greatly increase your sweet index oh.
Hat has shade, decoration, warming and protection and so on. So many types, the choice is also stress. First of all, according to the face to choose the right Hat. Second, according to their own body to choose a Hat. Wear a Hat and wear the same, try to avoid weaknesses. The form and color of the Hat must be matched with clothing and so on.
Xiao Bian down to tell how to wear Hat look good?
Tweed braid used to be all the rage of an era hairstyle, although now is not very popular braids, but if the two sides of the Hat knitting two twist, and then decorated with two pompons, the total will still give the feeling of elegance. Pink Y-shaped thick Hat will give people a sweet feeling, warm and cute. Hollow wheat-shaped Hat is ironed Oh, put on a very lady feeling. Very fine soft rabbit knit Hat not only super good thermal effects, feel particularly soft, but also how to make people more ladies. Gray brim, cute pompon, black scarf, these are not to remind you of many childhood stories? Nostalgia for their childhood?
If you put your head on the head, the whole head wrapped, face defects probably exposed, so it is not suitable for short hair MM. But the warm knit Hat with fluffy curly hair really make people shine, but also has a "face-lift" effect. If it is a white knitted Hat with a white sweater, it can show the elegant elegance of classical beauty.
Knitted baseball Hat with ponytail, knitted baseball cap will make the whole look sunny, for a vibrant young MM. With this Hat only need a super simple hairstyle tie a pony tail on it. Rabbit hair and coarse wool are good choices, mix and match the material is also very good.
Large cap with straight hair or curly hair, big cap is almost a universal Hat, full of contour, with a modified face effect, suitable for different face. In addition its handsome neutral style can increase the sense of fashion. So, when you do not know wHat to choose Hat, may wish to pick a big cap for themselves. Looks sweet MM is particularly suitable for wearing this Hat.
Cap with asymmetrical curly hair: a simple cap is a very stylish sense of equipment, people can look very neat, but not all fit, with a very important. This Hat is the most suitable for straight hair, but for the side of the hair is more appropriate to add a little taste of the guests. In the clothing, slightly cool wild dress can release the artistic temperament.