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How Do I Choose A Baseball Cap?
- Oct 24, 2017 -

How do I choose a Baseball Cap?
Summer wear a suitable Baseball Cap, not only shade to avoid sun, protect the skin, but also play a decorative role. Optional Baseball Cap is also stressful. Here to see the Baseball Cap selection skills:
1, according to the use of frequency options: midsummer in the field of operations, select the Baseball Cap should pay attention to its shade function, light, wide eaves of the various straw hat and work cap is the most appropriate. Indoor work, only on the way to wear Baseball Cap, should be in the style and color highlights its decorative function.
2, according to the shape of choice: shape symmetry of women, choose a larger Baseball Cap room; body chunky women should try to choose light, narrow eaves Baseball Cap; neck shorter people to half eaves and narrow eaves Baseball Cap is more appropriate, if you choose to wear wide baseball baseball hat, will make people have a sense of oppression; skin white people can choose the color of the Baseball Cap; skin color black people should choose pink, orange, light gray Baseball Cap.
3, according to the choice of hair: stay long hair of women, choose to wear around the broad base of the Baseball Cap, you can receive the effect of hair care to avoid the sun; short hair of the people, choose wide or eaves wide Baseball Caps are more appropriate The
4, according to age: young people choose bright colors, innovative Baseball Cap, is conducive to set off a warm and lively personality; middle age should highlight the generous, mature and calm age characteristics.
5, according to temperament selection: select the hat to pay attention to personal temperament consistent. Lively girl can choose the color contrast, the style slightly exaggerated, can highlight the personality of the Baseball Cap. As a professional woman, you should choose to be able to show the lack of feminine Baseball Cap.
Baseball Cap with shade, decoration, warming and protection and so on. So many types, choose also pay attention.
First of all, according to the face to choose the right hat. People's face is mainly square (national face), round (round face) and sharp (sharp face) three.
Round face with a dome hat, it looks big face, hat small. Such as wearing a large Baseball Cap is more appropriate. Sharp face wearing a Baseball Cap on the face of the big and small, even more thin. So wear a dome cap more appropriate. Guo Zi face people wearing all the Baseball Caps are more appropriate.
Second, according to their own body to choose the Baseball Cap. Height of the Baseball Cap should be large should not be small, or give the head light heavy feeling. The person who is short is the opposite. Tall woman should not wear high tube cap, or give the impression that "and" grow taller. Short stature lady should not wear flat roof canopy, will appear shorter. Wearing a Baseball Cap and wearing clothes, as far as possible to avoid weaknesses, even if they are satisfied with the wear, but also make people look elegant. Hat form and color must be and clothes, scarves, gloves and shoes and other support. Wearing glasses of the ladies, do not wear a hat above the complex floral, hat should not cover the forehead, hat to be higher, this can show your chic style and elegant temperament.
Men's hat size that number is the number of centimeters around the head, so the purchase is very convenient. But taking into account some of the hat after washing to shrink, so the purchase should be slightly larger.
General adult men's hat number is 55-56, child hat is 50-55, baby hat is 42-46. Adult cap, Baseball Cap and sports cap only 1-3 three kinds. Knitted hat regardless of size, it can stretch to cope, and some weight - grams to calculate.