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- Mar 29, 2017 -

Cap with a world army, soldiers wearing hats. Cap with a wide range and variety. Wear a cap with a display of military grandeur and rigorous. Is a symbol of their dignity as soldiers. 20th century 50-80 's. Chinese society is very popular with liberation hat.

Before and after the Liberation Army canceled caps rank style.

The "cultural revolution" the early spring and autumn seasons, pop CAP, everyone wears a cap on his head. Cap also has true and false, it's Cap with a Dacron fabric, color green, hat tip, which printed long blocks, marked with name, age, blood type, etc; a fake regardless of color, fabric, style can make a child on a March to a dime, people feel a little bit of soil. Helmets also have exquisite, top hat seams hold up as far as possible, hand before going out for a long time, many children in the hat pad inside a circle of cardboard or newspaper, not so is not enough to say "cool". Of course, wanted to put "cool" you'll have to take considerable risks, helmets can be easily "fly", that is, walking in the street, hat little rascal to ride by bike lane removed overhead. Popular helmets, children shook a few of the military compound, follow are "flying" worries, impossible.

On June 1, 1965, the people's Liberation Army abolishing the military rank system, immediately repeal 55 the rank of clothing. Liberation of cadres and soldiers of the whole army shall be worn hat, wearing a red star cap badge. The great proletarian cultural revolution, military CAP, as the symbol of the revolution, is one of the important symbols of the red guards, the rebels. The clothing is actually the uniform of the red guards, having a military is when young people pursue "trendy" ". A red star on his head, and red flags hung on either side of the revolution ", was the most popular catch phrase.