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CAP the rise of the
- Mar 29, 2017 -

In 1917, the advent of Bell-shaped hat, the brim block one eye designs, the rage. In 1930, surrealist intertwined with Hat, scarf hat, hat, shoes, even reverse draped over the top hyperbole designed, was a popular style.

During World War II, due to the lack of material, Cap styles have become practical. By 1947, Dior genius shaped the "corolla lines", based on a up flower outlines a hat made her mark. That time, small waist big swing skirts add a shade wide Cap one of the most classic and tasteful dress.

In the West, the hat already closely linked with fashion and life. Jacqueline Kennedy liked wearing flat-topped small cone-shaped hats; Princess Diana drove the Insert feather Hat popular; British Queen Mother often wears a small, elegant hat ... ... Even though hats in the North have liters of water when the wind, South of hat has been less "cold" because of heat. However, also arrived, but in the end the power of fashion. The emerging "IF (Liberal International)" brought a motion of neutral fashion fad, and most typical neutral dress is, masculine fashion, such as a CAP, and a tie, to set off the elaborate makeup look. Therefore, the CAP was red.

British breakout KANGOL Cap battles in the European market for more than 60 years of history, not only by many stars like the Beatles to Eason Chan is a KANGOL caps fans.

Moreover, the late British fashion on behalf of Princess Diana have worn? it appeared in VOGUE magazine today of the KANGOL, is an important member of international brand-name list.

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