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Beret basic profile
- Mar 29, 2017 -

A soft mode-free military, often as a National Army Rangers, special forces and airborne forces symbols. Beret with ease of folding, not afraid of extrusion, easy to carry, aesthetic advantages, it also makes it easy to coat and helmet.

Famous generals in Montgomery, field marshal in the second world war often wore a beret, but also General wears two badges and armour differently. Some countries are mainly in color on different units can be distinguished. Such as the American Rangers wear black berets, special forces wear Green Berets, airborne units wear Maroon berets. Various branches of the military beret apart from the color, style, and are standard uniform items. In the United States during the second world war was the formation of a special force, because of its players to wear the green beret, commonly known as the "Green Berets". This force by risk-taking staff volunteers, and for special training, specializing in special mission combat, with "Devil's Brigade" is famous for. United Nations peacekeeping force uniform wear blue berets. Dai Fa there is a clear requirement of the beret. If American Dai Beilei hat, brims citizen status should be made on the forehead and above the eyebrows inch l, gave a hat to the right direction and make the hard liner just above the left eye. Berets only wear uniforms, combat uniforms and work clothes can be worn. Wearing uniforms or Dai Beilei hat, wearing combat boots and legs tightened. In addition, the beret when wearing badges should be in position just above the left eye box range, badges are not where you should be in the middle or too far left; left side at the bottom of the hat with the left ear, should keep a distance of about an inch, right edge down without touching the right ear, should keep a distance of about 1 cm in the right ear, do not like a cow over your ear.